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Indulge your passion for confectionery and unlock your inner artist with our captivating Fondant Cake Class! Step into the enchanting world of cake design and embark on a deliciously creative journey that will leave you with awe-inspiring, professionally crafted fondant masterpieces. In this hands-on class, led by our experienced pastry chef, you will learn the […]

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Q. Who Needs This Course? A basic baker who knows basics of baking but wants to take their skill to the pro level. Q. Why This Course? You will learn the tips, tricks and methods to prepare dfferent theme cakes like an expert. Trust me, people are going to awe at your cakes after this

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Q. Who Needs This Course? A beginner who don’t know anything about baking, or someone with very little knowledge of Baking. Q. Why This Course? You will start baking from scratch, to a level where you can start your own basic baking business. Q. What exactly you will learn in this course? 1. Basics Of

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