Advanced Cakes Baking Course

Q. Who Needs This Course?

A basic baker who knows basics of baking but wants to take their skill to the pro level.

Q. Why This Course?

You will learn the tips, tricks and methods to prepare dfferent theme cakes like an expert. Trust me, people are going to awe at your cakes after this course.

Q. What exactly will you learn in this course?

1. Advanced Baking Skills.

2. 4 different types of Cake Base.

3. Cakes:

  • 6 types of Chocolate Cakes
  • 16 other flavour cakes
  • 10 types of Cream Frosting
  • 16 types of Theme Cakes

4. 10 Different Types of Cream Frosting.

5. Working With Advanced Nozzle Designs.

6. 10 Expert Level Cake Decoration Techniques.

Q. What parts of Baking this course covers?

1. Designing Theme Cakes.
2. How To Make Cake Taste Better Than Bakery and be a proud home baker.
3. Easy and ready-to-do-business bakery techniques.
4. How To Rectify Any Mistake While Preparing Cake.
5. Nozzles Works You Will Fall In Love With.
6. At last, this course will enable you to become a baking artist/designer.

Q. Duration and Price Of The Course?

15 Days Course (Offline or Online, as per your convenience)

Price: Rs. 35000 Rs. 29000/- only. (limited time offer)

Q. Any pre-requisites for this course?

Yes, you should’ve basic baking knowledge. If you don’t know basics, then you can enroll in our ‘Beginner’s Baking Course’. (

Q. What You Will Need To Bring For This Course?

Nothing. Just 1 Diary and a Pen for you to take notes.

Q. Things That Will Be Provided By The Academy:

  • All Cake materials will be provided by the Academy.
  • If you need any items for practicing at your home, then you can buy extra materials from us.

Q. What Will You Get For Recognition?

~ Most importantly, a lot of knowledge to start your own baking business.

~ A course completion certificate.

~ A free apron for the proud chef in you.

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